Join Exergy on 9th May at 14: 00 UTC for an in-depth webinar where Paolo Danesi and Stefano Selva will explore the technical challenges of cold energy exploitation in LNG regasification processes.

During the production phase, natural gas undergoes compression and chilling to transform into LNG, primarily to reduce volume for ease of transportation. LNG transportation occurs in insulated cryogenic ship tanks at atmospheric pressure, necessitating the cooling of natural gas to approximately -160°C at 1 atm. Around 500 kWh/t of LNG is needed for LNG compression and refrigeration, which makes cold energy exploitation interesting from a thermodynamics point of view. Currently, cold energy utilisation accounts for less than 1% of its potential.

In this webinar, you will learn how ORCs can efficiently harness the cold energy potential contained in LNG while also facilitating natural gas regasification.

Exergy will detail the advantages of LNG regasification through ORCs compared to common regasification technologies before presenting the innovation Exergy has patented: an ORC-based cold energy plant achieving high efficiency thanks to the use of the proprietary Exergy Radial Outflow Turbine combined with a Multilevel Condensation Cycle.

During the session, Exergy will outline the advantages of it’s new solution over conventional ORC systems employed for cold energy recovery, characterised by a single level of condensation and the use of turbines with different configurations (axial or radial inflow).

Finally, in a practical case study from an LNG regasification plant size of 1 million tpy, the company will show how much electrical energy it is possible to generate with the Exergy patented cold energy plant, outlining the major performance in power production with respect to conventional ORC and the estimated benefit in term of carbon dioxide emission reduction.

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