Exergy ORC-lite standard series

In addition to its customized ORC solutions, Exergy recently designed a new standard series of ORC modules in the 1.1 MWe, 1.4 MWe, 2.4 MWe and 5 MWe power sizes. The new Exergy ORC-lite series respond to increasing market needs for small size and compact ORC units with a faster time to market and lower costs to produce power on-site from various heat sources.

Exergy ORC-lite series of pre-engineered ORC modules, developed in Exergy’s R&D department, is based on Exergy’s proven technology. High efficiency is achieved thanks to Exergy’s patented turbine, which increases the resource conversion rate, thus maximizing revenue from electricity production for our clients.


The main system equipment, including the ORC turbine, generator, lube/seal oil system, feed pump, electrical panel, is delivered already pre-assembled and tested on a compact skid-module (12 m length x 2.2 m width).

Heat exchangers, safety valve, interconnecting piping and minor components are supplied loose and fully prefabricated for easy on-site assembly.

The working fluid selected for low-temperature ORC standard modules is a refrigerant type, which ensure the advantages of excellent thermal stability, low global warming potential, no flammability and availability on the market. For high-temperature applications the fluid is a hydrocarbon, the best option to extract the maximum power from the warmer resources.

Exergy ORC-lite standard modules are suitable for the exploitation of various heat sources at low and high temperatures ranging from 90°C to 310°C for:

An Exergy ORC-lite module is a good fit if you need:

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If you need a power size unit over 5 MWe or want to get even more out of your energy resource and extract its full potential, consider our tailor-made solutions with an optimized Exergy ORC system.

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