Exergy’s Radial Outflow Turbine

Conceptualized by Exergy the Radial Outflow Turbine (ROT) was launched in 2009, innovating the global ORC industry. It is a confirmation of Exergy’s status as a market game changer.

Exergy’s Radial Outflow Turbine technology is covered by multiple IP rights and the R&D department is always working to develop it further with new patents.

ORC Radial Outflow Turbine


Radial Outflow Turbine

ROT's key feature and differences from axial and radial inflow turbines

The ROT configuration makes it possible to convert the energy contained in the organic fluid into mechanical power with higher efficiency than the traditional axial or radial inflow turbine.
Radial Outflow Turbines divert the fluid radially through stages, simplifying blade geometry and enabling multiple stages on a single disc. The ROT is  ideal for medium enthalpy geothermal and heat recovery sources.
In Radial Inflow Turbines, the fluid enters perpendicular to the rotation axis, transitioning to the axial direction as it expands within the rotor. This Configuration results in limited flow rates and complexity in achieving multistage configurations.
Axial Turbines handle fluid parallel to the rotation axis, facilitating high flow rates and are commonly used in large-scale power generation.



ROT strengths:

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