Pressure let-down gas expanders

In pressure let-down stations, natural gas pressure must be decreased to distribution network pressure. In this process, potential energy, available as high-pressure difference, is completely lost in the throttling process through a valve. This waste energy can be efficiently recovered to produce zero emission electricity through Exergy’s gas expander.

Exergy has designed a natural gas expander system that integrates into existing pressure let-down gas stations, serving both industries and residential buildings, to increase the efficiency and sustainability of the gas distribution system.

Pressure Let Down in gas station

enhancing efficiency in gas operations.

The advantages of Exergy's solution:

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How a gas expander system works

A heat exchanger for gas preheating is positioned upstream from the expander.

The pressure let-down station lamination valves are replaced with the expander (turbine).



A generator is coupled with the expander to produce electricity, while achieving, at the system outlet, the desired pressure and temperature for natural gas distribution.

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