Following the recent acquisition of EXERGY and the sister company SEBIGAS our mother company TICA look to the future, talks about its strategy and reveals an important Partner involved in its Green Deal

10 months after the acquisition of EXERGY, TICA has recently concluded another important green deal by taking over SEBIGAS business in the biogas sector. Now the Chinese Group is looking at the future and plans its next steps to develop its new renewable energy business worldwide.

To start this new course in the promising sustainable energy market TICA has partnered with Nanjing Golden Eagle Group, one of the most important Chinese investment holding company active in the retail business, hospitality industry as well as real estate development. Golden Eagle and TICA were moved in their joint investment by their shared vision to actively contributing to the transition of the world economies towards a sustainable and carbon neutral future.

Golden Eagle’s first steps in the renewable energy market today reflects in the participation in EXERGY’s and SEBIGAS’ business through the controlled Italian company TICA-EXERGY Srl. Together with TICA their ambition is to increase the market share of both companies’ green business worldwide. Leveraging Italian excellence in technical innovations and in high quality industrial manufacturing the Chinese investors point to become a strong new leader worldwide in new-generation clean technologies for the energy sector.

TICA Group’s commitment to the environmental cause has its foundations in the same Group core business that specialize in the development, manufacturing, sales, and services of environmental friendly HVAC systems. Since its foundations in 1991 the TICA Group has become one of the top four Chinese brand in this sector strongly contributing with its projects to provide clean indoor environment and improve the quality of life. Serving thousands of important enterprises in the electronics, pharmaceutical, automobile, hospital and public transportation sectors TICA has matured significant know-how and expertise in the clean room technologies and obtained noteworthy recognitions by the professional communities.

TICA Group is also not new to the green power generation sector. In 2015, the Chinese Group has signed a global strategic JV with US-based United Technology Corporation (UTC), transferring all tangible and intangible assets of its ORC business traded under the brand of Pure Cycle offering small size range of power generation equipment below 1 Mw size.

The acquisition of the ORC business from EXERGY and then the  biogas one from SEBIGAS has allowed TICA to establish its position as a new international strong player in the renewable energy market and be very competitive in offering a comprehensive array of systems ranging from the energy efficiency solutions for green building to renewable energies technologies including geothermal, biomass, biogas and solar.

Innovating and investing in R&D will be one of the pillars of TICA’s growth strategy for its green path. In the HVAC business TICA is already leading the technological development of the Industry with China’s highest level R&D base in the HVAC industry. In the ORC sector TICA has built China’s first engineering demonstration center for ORC power generation and established an Academic Workstation and a National Postdoctoral Workstation committed to the research and development of ORC power generation, energy conservation and emission reduction technology.  Investment in R&D is possible also thanks to more than 400 R&D engineers working in TICA and accounting for 20% of total workforce. With EXERGY and SEBIGAS acquisition TICA plans to continue its investment in product research establishing new R&D centers in Europe and USA for the development of green power generation and advanced carbon free technologies.

Another key component of TICA’s strategy relates to the activating and exploiting commercial and manufacturing synergies among its companies. Exergy shall take advantage of TICA’s network to develop the ORC market in China and in the ASEAN region. The geothermal sector has more potential to explore in the Far East countries as Indonesia. For the waste heat recovery and CSP sector TICA foresees interesting possibility to increase the market share of these applications in China in response to the China market needs of clean technologies to reduce environmental impact in its energy intensive industries and for the conversion of the power generation industry to cleaner and carbon free technologies. Leveraging TICA’s capability and flexibility in industrial manufacturing EXERGY could also optimize its in-house production of ORC equipment and components to be more costs competitive in the market.

Golden Eagle alliance with TICA will help to invest and develop according to this strategy to create strong green technologies companies at the forefront of innovation in their specific sector.

TICA’s President Jiang Li expresses once again the Chinese Group ambition behind the acquisition of both Italian companies: “These are key and significant investment that TICA made, signifying our insistence on adhering to a development path that is international and green renewable energy oriented”. 

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