In these difficult circumstances we are all facing worldwide for the effect of the unexpected and sudden global Covid-19 pandemic spread, we at Exergy have joined forces, collaborating with our partners, suppliers and customers to pursue our business while complying with the government restrictive measures. We are taking all necessary precautions to safeguard the health not only of our employees, customers, suppliers but of our families and of us all. Having this in mind EXERGY has also introduced some welfare instruments providing insurance coverage for all its employees.

Our flexible organizational structure allowed Exergy teams to adapt their activities to this new condition. All departments are operational remotely thanks to the support of our IT infrastructure, video call systems and remote control system for our power plants in operation. We are engaged to assist our customers, doing our best to reduce the impact of the Covid-19 on the ongoing activities, and to follow up new requests so far as the restrictive measures allow. Our parent company TICA is also giving us full support by shipping in protective gear from China for our colleagues as well as the communities around.

We are positive and we think that with the radical measures deployed by the Italian and all other Governments we will be able to stop this threat soon. Special thanks to our employees and partners for their collaboration, responsibility and for their commitment to strive for a high quality standard of service to our customers even in this challenging situation.

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