The 26th of March 2019, Exergy has been awarded a contract by Innergy, a Spanish company providing solutions and products for power and heat generation, for the supply of a steam power generation system for its end customer, a company located in the UK dealing with the processing of animal by products into meals, oils and pet food ingredients.

For this project EXERGY has supplied a steam power generation system based on a radial outflow expandertotally designed and constructed in-house, which will be located within the production process of the petfood facility and will have two main functions: it will firstly reduce the steam pressure, entering the steam expander at 21.0 bar a and exiting at 10.0 bar a; secondly, the mechanical energy used to reduce the steam pressure, will be transformed into about 700 kW of electrical energy that will be used within the facility to power its production process.

This is the first steam power generation system designed and constructed by EXERGY, that once more demonstrates the flexibility and adaptability of its pioneering technology to harness and exploit many kinds of resources in different environmental conditions.

The unit, being fully containerized and thus reducing the amount of site activities to a minimum, will be delivered within the end of 2019, ready for operation.

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