On 10th March Exergy was hosted in Bandung by Pertamina Geothermal Energy TbK (PGE) for the signing ceremony of a MoU for the joint study development of geothermal power plant projects in Indonesia.

Exergy’s delegation including Luca Pozzoni, Paolo Danesi and Chee Aun Kok were welcomed by PGE’s top management.

Under this agreement Exergy and Pertamina will join their efforts for the development and optimization of geothermal energy utilization targeting as final result the pre-feasibility study review, including but not limiting to technical, financial, risk, and cooperation schemes which could be implemented. The areas of interest will be PGE “working areas” located in multiple geothermal sites in Indonesia.

The agreement was signed by Exergy’s general manager Luca Pozzoni and Mr. Ahmad Yuniarto, President of Pertamina Geothermal Energy.

MoU Pertamina Geothermal

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