EXERGY is increasing its institutional activities worldwide for the promotion and encouragement of power generation from renewable and sustainable energy sources.

In this regard, EXERGY recently joined the ETIP-DG platform, created within the European strategy towards the 2050 industrial decarbonization with a reduction of 80% in greenhouse gas emissions. The aim of the platform is to enhance and foster the use of geothermal energy as a primary energy source for the European region, enabling deep geothermal technology to proliferate and reach its full potential. Geothermal source, in fact, can play a fundamental role in the EU strategy for electricity generation, heating and cooling technologies, contributing the local, regional and global energy transition.

EXERGY took part in drafting the Strategic Research Agenda, that will be published by the end of 2018. The agenda will summarize the actual situation of the geothermal energy sector today, and what actions must be taken by all the value chain towards the EU strategy goals.



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