In the first part of 2018 EXERGY added two new references to its Turkish geothermal portfolio.

A new power plant has been designed, engineered and will be in operation within October 2018 for our already client Greeneco Enerji.
The geothermal unit, Sarayköy 5, will be located close to the other four units already in operation, and will have a 28 MW power output. The plant is designed on two pressure levels with two turbines (1 pressure level each) and will be air cooled.
EXERGY has been working for Greeneco Enerji since 2014, supplying five different geothermal units with a total power output of 76 MW.

Recently EXERGY has been awarded also from a new customer, for the supply of a 12 MW geothermal power plant, that will be located in Seferihisar district, close to Izmir. 

EXERGY will take care of the design, engineering and start-up of the plant, planned for October 2019. The geothermal unit will have two pressure levels on a single turbine, as the world first Acka Plant designed in 2013.These last two contracts bring Exergys’ portfolio to a total of 26 geothermal power plants worldwide, for a total of 411,5 MW capacity. In particular, in Turkey, EXERGY counts 23 geothermal plants for a total of 394,5 MW electrical power output from geothermal energy, confirming itself among the top players in the Turkish renewable energy sector.

Geothrmal ORC power plant Turkey

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