A 26 MWe , a 12 MWe and a 10 MWe geothermal plants come online in Turkey

All power plants have obtained the Turkish Ministry Acceptance allowing the customers GreenEco Enerji, RSC Enerji and Kiper Elektrik to benefit the full national FEED in Tariff

EXERGY brought online three new geothermal power plants in Turkey last October. These plants are a 26 MWe for Greeneco Enerji, a 12 MWe for RSC Enerji and a 10 MWe for Kiper Elektrik. With the three plants’ start up, the country has reached a total installed geothermal power generation capacity of 1,606 MWe.

The Greeneco Enerji project, awarded to EXERGY in late December 2019, has been completed in less than ten months. For all projects Exergy and the customers worked in great synergy, coping with all complications and tight constraints imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak during the execution of the contract, to achieve the delivery on time. This allowed the three customers to obtain the Turkish Ministry Acceptance for their plants well within the end of October thus meeting the target for benefitting the highest national Feed in Tariff thanks to local content manufacturing.

Located in Sarayköy, in the Denizli district as the previous five units, the new unit for Greeneco Enerji is a single pressure cycle equipped with two Radial Outflow turbines, employing air-cooled condensing system with a total power output of 26MWe. The scope of EXERGY’s contract included the engineeringsupply and site support of the power plant. This project represents the sixth repeat order from Greeneco which already counted a total of 76 MWe geothermal power plants in operation with EXERGY’s technology and With this plant EXERGY will exceed the mark of 100 MWe capacity delivered to the customer.

The 12 MWe geothermal power plant for RSC Enerji is located in the Seferihisar district, close to Izmir, featuring one of the key solutions of Exergy, a two-pressure level cycle on a single turbine. This efficient and performing design was applied as a world first in 2014 for the AKCA Enerji power plant. Exergy’s contract has involved the engineeringmanufacturing and site advisory services of the power plant.

The third plant commissioned at the end of October is a 10 MWe unit for the customer Kiper Elektrik a subsidiary company of the Kipaş Holding Group, another repeat customer with two EXERGY’s plant already in operation. With this unit the total capacity up to now delivered to Kipas reaches approx. 60 MWe. Located in the Aydin region this 10 MWe ORC unit is a two-pressure cycle equipped with one Radial Outflow Turbine and employs a water-cooled condensing system. 

Albert YamCEO of EXERGY INTERNATIONAL commented on this double success: “The unbelievable target we were able to achieve with these projects has been possible thanks to Customers’ and Exergy’s team, working with collaborative efforts to get over all challenges, particularly when situations were changing fast during the growth of the global pandemic of Covid-19 and Governments imposed severe restrictions on our activities. Yet we were able to deliver the plants on time. We thank our customers for their trust in Exergy and their support and understanding during all process. We believe in what we do, and this result is another milestone for Exergy’s growth as a leading provider of sustainable energy systems in the many years to come.”

Geothermal power generation Turkey

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