Worldwide island states all face the same challenge: the isolated position forces to rely on conventional power sources with consequent high related energy costs. However, due to the volcanic origin of many islands in different parts of the world, geothermal energy is abundant and thus an attractive and valuable solution to provide baseload capacity and cost-efficient energy production. Geothermal can be a stable and secure energy source in addition to other renewables, converting the islands’ fossil fuel based energy grids, in an independent and sustainable energy mix. So far, the use of geothermal energy has been limited to few cases, but the potential on global scale is enormous, and the EXERGY Pico Alto Geothermal Plant, located on Terceira Island, Azores, is a fitting example.

Due to the proven success of its project and the growing attention towards this issue, EXERGY conceived and promoted the creation of a dedicated event to foster the use of geothermal energy on islands, involving the entire value chain of project execution. The event will gather Island states representatives, Industry, service suppliers, governments, international institutions and organizations with the aim to analyse best practice case studies, discuss actual challenges, as public policies or financing instruments, and share common strategies to unlock the great potential enclosed by geothermal resources on islands.

Organised by IGC Events (Think GeoEnergy and Enerchange) and hosted by EDA Renovaveis, Unlocking Geothermal Development on Island States – The Pico Alto Showcase, will take place in the breath-taking scenario of Terceira Island, Azores, in May 2019. The event agenda will feature a 1-day conference and a second day of field trip to Pico Alto Geothermal Power Plant.

For more information visit: www.igc.events

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Sara Milanesi – s.milanesi@exergy.it

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