According to different opinions, despite the political energy strategy, federal governments are going in a different direction and there are three very concrete trends for which we can say that in 2018 the outlook for clean energy technologies and business models will be bright.

#trend one – End-user redefining power utilization

The progressing technological innovations continue to place power in the hands of end users, redefining their relationship with utilities and the grid and creating new opportunities of sustainable clean energy technology solutions.

#Trend two – Private investors more sensitive on climate risks

Strictly connected with the first trend is the always greater concern on climate risk, that is becoming a more integrated and important consideration for private investors.

This greater attention coming from many investors is believed to move billions toward new climate solutions and away from climate aggravators.

#Trend three – State government changing the US political energy startegy

Finally a third trend regards federal government’s relation with state government that can be summarized as: “What happens in Washington — should stay in Washington”

Despite the federal government rollbacks on climate policy, states are focusing on carbon regulation with economy-wide strategies that include the full supply chain and not just the end product or the sources, in order to reach total pollution reduction. This strategy is believed to weaken decisions taken in Washington D.C. during the coming year, and create new opportunities for a sustainable technological innovation for clean energy models.

According to these trends, in 2018 we can say that state capitals, consumers and capital markets will set the pace on climate action renovating the opportunities for the US energy market and transforming the political and technological decision process.

source: Renewable Energy World


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