EXERGY has successfully started up and synchronized the 5 MWe Targovishte plant in Bulgaria for heat recovery from a glass mill. The client is Area Impianti, an Italian solution provider for flue gas treatment and heat recovery systems, and the final user is Şişecam, a Turkish company leader in glass production.

Şişecam was looking to increase energy efficiency in their glass factory while reducing the environmental impact of the industrial process. EXERGY thus supplied an ORC system for waste heat recovery utilizing EXERGY’s innovative Radial Outflow Turbine. The ORC technology provided by EXERGY, applied to the float glass mill in Targovishte, exploits the energy contained in the hot fumes generated by the production process to produce 5 MWe electricity. In the ORC system  the organic fluid is vaporized by means of absorbing the energy from the thermal oil (which extracts heat from the hot flue gas), and then passing to the turbine. Here it expands, causing the turbine to spin and creates electricity at the generator.

Şişecam and Area Impianti’s choice to install EXERGY’s highly efficient EPS Radial Outflow Turbine revealed the best solution to harness the maximum amount of waste heat and increase the electrical efficiency of the installation.

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