Eda Renovaveis EXERGY - What our clients say, Eda Renovaveis

regarding the Pico Alto geothermal power plant project, started up in AUGUST 2017

"The construction project was a technical and management challenge, with several contractors working at the same time and, in some occasions, in harsh climate conditions.

This was effectively overcome thanks to the close cooperation from all the high-specialized teams, where EXERGY assumed successfully the lead role. We are very pleased with the initial production results.

For the first 2-months of operation, the Pico Alto power plant has been providing a stable and reliable supply of 4 MW of electricity to the grid. Maintaining this high performance in 2018, the annual production of Pico Alto power plant will likely exceed the forecast made before the construction of the power plant."


The acquisition of EXERGY by the TICA Group and the starting of a new era for our company have created...
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