Client name:

Plant Location:

Date of implementation:
2015 - 2020

Plants size:
12 MWe each (unit 1,2,3,4), 28 MWe (unit 5),
26 MWe (unit 6) 

Total installed capacity:
102 MWe


Model Used:
GEX 1200 - 2800 - 2600

Range of resource flow:
1050 - 1400 T/H  

Temperature of Geothermal steam/brine:
130-170 C°

Water or cooling agent:
COOLING WATER (unit 1 and 2) AIR COOLED (unit 3,4,5)

Generator voltage:
6 KV


GreenEco is a subsidiary of Saray Holding, a Turkish Corporation active in several industries (food and agriculture, electronic and mechanical, energy, furniture, packaging and logistic) and a leader brand in Turkey within the confectionary business, well known for their delicious products.

Greeneco Enerji, established in 2012 to meet Turkeys’ energy needs by harnessing local renewable resources, sought the best solution to exploit their geothermal resource located in Sarayköy – Denizli area.

In 2014 EXERGY was selected as supplier of the first two geothermal units, 12 MWe each, commissioned between 2015 and 2016. The completion of this project has marked the beginning of a fruitful collaboration with Greeneco and in the following years EXERGY was awarded 4 repeat orders for additional 4 geothermal ORC units. The last power plant was started up in October 2020 for a total capacity exceeding 100 MW delivered to this customer up to now.

EXERGY designed and proposed tailored solutions for each project to grant high performance and increased profitability of the power plants. The first two units consist in a water cooled 2 pressure level cycle with 2 Radial Outflow Turbines (high pressure and low pressure) coupled to a single double-ended generator. Unit 3 and 4 feature a 2 pressure level cycle with 2 Radial Outflow Turbines with an air cooled condesing system. In these projects EXERGY opted for air cooled solutions in order to achieve zero water consumption and decrease the environmental footprint of the power plant.

The last two geothermal units supplied between 2018 and 2020 are the biggest projects consisting in a 28 MWe and a 26 MWe ORC system. For the 28 MWe EXERGY designed a solution with one pressure level cycle equipped with 2 big turbines of 14 MWe each and employing an air cooled condensing system. The same design was applied to the unit 6 for a lower capacity of 26 MWe.

With the total installation of 102 MWe capacity of baseload renewable energy for Greeneco, we enabled our customer to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint by saving 298.000 tons of CO2 emission and 153.000 tons of oil equivalent per year.

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