Client name:

Plant Lcation:

Date of implementation:

Plant size:


Model Used:
GEX 350

Flow of Geothermal steam:
8.8 T/H 691,2 T/H

Pressure of Geothermal Steam:
3.5 BAR

Temperature of Geothermal steam:
105 C°

Type of fluid:

Generator voltage:
6 KV


The client, AKÇA ENERJI, is part of the AKÇA Holding, which is a Turkish diversified business ranging from the textile industry to agribusiness. AKÇA ENERJI is the holding’s energy division. In this case, the client was looking to utilize the untapped potential of an unexploited existing geothermal resource.

EXERGY’s solution was the world’s first ORC binary installation equipped with 2-pressure-level cycle on a single-disk turbine.

The geothermal fluid is passed through the first sequence of HIGH pressure heat exchangers, passing enthalpy to the organic fluid. This organic fluid vaporizes and is passed through the HIGH pressure EXERGY turbine Inlet. Then the geothermal fluid is passed through the second sequence of LOW pressure heat exchangers, vaporizing the organic fluid, which is then passed through the LOW presure EXERGY turbine Inlet. EXERGY turbine, fed by HIGH and LOW pressure organic fluid steam, drives a generator to produce electrical power. The geothermal fluid is then reinjected back into the ground.

EXERGY’s technological innovation facilitated the efficient use of a geothermal source previously thought unsuitable due to the low temperature of the primary fluid (105 C°/220 F°).

The AKCA plant now produces electricity with zero emissions saving 11,700 tons of CO2 and 5,900 tons of oil equivalent per year.

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