EXERGY participated in the 21st International Energy & Environment Fair & Conference (ICCI) which took place in Istanbul from the 6th to 8th May 2015. This most significant event in the calendar of the energy and environment sector represented an opportunity to bring EXERGY together with major decision-makers within the industry in Turkey. The ICCI is acknowledged as an important platform for exchanging information on developing technologies and offering a forum to discuss issues related to energy policies, energy trade and environment systems.

EXERGY played a role in the technical sessions on Friday 8th May represented by Matteo Quaia, Deputy General Manager of EXERGY's Turkish subsidiary, presenting their successful application of the Radial Outflow Turbine in the Turkish market. In the afternoon session on Renewable Energy Technologies-Geothermal, Quaia presented, "The applications of the radial outflow turbine in Turkey for geothermal and heat recovery applications" and highlighted the benefits of EXERGY's several current geothermal installations in the Aydin region and the installation recovering heat from the flue gases of Sişecam glass mills, in Bursa and Mersin.

Turkey represents a substantial market for EXERGY, characterized in the last 15 years by a significant increase in the demand for electricity that has led to the need for higher investments in power generation. The country is committed to exploit local and renewable energy sources for their electricity production and among renewables, geothermal represents one of main sources for power generation whose share is thought to grow in importance in the coming years. Thanks to this environment and the design and construction of geothermal binary plants and waste heat recovery solutions and their Radial Outflow Turbine (ROT) technology, EXERGY has been able to gain the leadership as the number one ORC solution provider in Turkey. EXERGY are committed to continued expansion in this market.

Thank you for visiting us at ICCI 2015!


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