The Turkish renewable energy market has been enjoying continuous growth but still today sustainable power production technologies are yet to be fully developed for the specific needs of the country.

This situation, against the background of the current political landscape, has created great potential for companies operating in this renewables sector.

The Power Next conference 2016 (21st -23rd January 2016), captured this moment and brought together the main sectors of renewable energy in a three day trade fair. 

Previously Power Next had focused on geothermal technologies but this year the Congresium International conference center, in Ankara, welcomed  representatives from the 5 main sectors of renewable energies: Geothermal, Hydropower, Pipe & Pipelines, Energy Storage and Biomass Energy. Exergy and its biogas technology division, Sebigas, exhibited in the Biomass area.

Power Next has been characterized by an agenda of seminars and expert speakers focusing on specific case studies, new applications and the latest developments in all energy production sectors.

Exergy, and its latest division Sebigas, had the opportunity to ride the wave of this growing interest, presenting a case study on the combination of Biogas and Organic Rankine Cycle technology for the production of Electricity.

The speech, held by Mr. Eren Ergin, was a great opportunity to demonstrate how two different technologies can be combined to increase power production. Importantly the case study highlighted the significant combination of a well-known and developed technology, like Organic Rankine Cycle with Biogas technology, that still has to be developed.

The presentation attracted much attention, analysis and focus on the two technologies, from private investors to local companies searching for established and innovative partners.

The three day conference was informative with the many presentations, questions and answers inspiring the feeling that renewable energy is no longer regarded as an energy sector with potential for the future but one that has become evolved enough to be of benefit now.


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