Recently a new study, analysing the research trends in orc technology has been released.

The study examines a series of interesting issues regarding ORC technology research worldwide, starting from the number, origin, type of publications and the major focus of study. It definitely is a very interesting insight on the development of the academic scientific and engineering ORC sector.

From 2000 to 2016, 2120 articles have been published by 3443 authors from 997 research institutes distributed over 71 countries.

China, USA and Europe are among the most active. In particular Italy, Greece, Belgium, Spain, Germany, UK together with China and USA add up to 64% of the total number of publications.

As Italian global leading company in the engineering and manufacturing of ORC power plants we are pleased to notice that Italy is one of the most fruitful countries and Politecnico di Milano is the 5th most productive institute in the ORC technology research field.

Since 2008 the political, institutional and economic growing interest towards environmental aspects and the globally shared need of improvement of our energy systems brought to a rapid increase in the number of publications released.

In this scenario, it does not surprise that 42.15% of the total research deals with the application of ORC technology for different renewable resources such as solar, geothermal, biomass, waste heat recovery, and ocean thermal energy based ORC systems. The remaining publications focus on working fluids, cycle architecture, and system design/optimization.

Among the most studied applications for ORC technology waste heat recovery is most analysed with 37.81% of the total publications. We know that waste heat is the only worldwide available resource, that every country can use, so what will the institutional research sector focus on in the coming years.

The study gives a perfect image of the actual scenario, but there are still many questions to be answered.

There is still much to do for a globally shared energy balance, and the potential of each country is yet to be entirely discovered. What is sure is that what we will be able to achieve in terms of sustainable and green energy systems depends on the efforts and work that researchers from all over the wold are constantly carrying on.

Our company is in the market as an example of how research can be useful to give an answer to market needs.  Our pioneering technology launched only 7 years ago, is giving optimal results in geothermal and waste heat applications. Since then we have dynamically contributed to the Italian research activity on ORC technology and we keep focusing on the development of new technological solutions to better harness available resources.

What will be the direction of the coming ORC research? Will research be able to lead the way towards energy transition?



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